UMG-512 pro

UMG 512 PRO power quality Analyzer

User-friendly, colour graphical display with

intuitive user guidance

  • High resolution colour graphical display 320 x 240,

256 colours

  • User-friendly, self-explanatory operation
  • Illustration of measured values in numeric form,

as a bar graph, line graph or waveform

  • Waveform representation of current and voltage
  • Online and historical graphs of events and transients

Modern, open communications architecture via Ethernet

  • Simple integration in an Ethernet network
  • Integration in PLC systems and building management

systems through additional interfaces, 4 ports


  • Various IP protocols: SNMP, ICMP (Ping), NTP, FTP …

RCM measurement

  • 2 RCM current measurement inputs
  • The residual current monitoring in conjunction with

GridVis® alarm management provides additional safety

  • Leakage current measurement with wire breakage


Measurement device homepage with password protection

  • Web server on the measuring device (device’s own


  • Online data available directly via the homepage

BACnet protocol for building communication

  • Optimal interoperability between devices from various

manufacturers and a great variety of trades

  • Predefi ned BIBBs (BACnet Interoperability Building Block)
  • Supports device type B-SA with the BIBBs DS-RP-B and


  • BACnet is optionally available with UMG 512-PRO

Modbus Gateway function

  • Ethernet-Modbus gateway
  • Ideal for master-slave structures, reading out Modbus

measurement devices via the UMG 512-PRO at Ethernet






The power quality in the real grid nowadays is far removed from a pure sinusoidal waveform in most cases. Various

different “grid feedback effects” in the form of voltage interruptions, transients, harmonics, fl icker or start-up currents

change the sinusoidal character of the currents and thus also the voltage. The GridVis® software offers all tools necessary

for the PQ analysis and likewise for the energy management systems. The heart of the network analysis and the energy

management is the reporting system of the GridVis® software. This shows at a glance the confi rmation of whether the

power quality is adequate or not in the time period in question. Reports can compile different information, depending

on the requirements and the settings. Thus one can have energy and power related cost centre reports, for example. In

doing so the display of arbitrary media (gas, water, etc.) is possible. Load profi le analyses provide a quick overview of

the peak consumption.

Power quality

  • Pre-defi ned PQ reports provide immediate

statements about the power quality and compliance

with the applicable standards: EN 50160, EN 61000-2-4,

NeQual, IEEE 519, ITIC (CBEMA) (only manual)

  • Reports can be generated, time-driven
  • Freely confi gurable time plans
  • Reports’ outputs as paper or digital

(HTML, XML, Excel, Word or PDF)

  • Convenient, time-driven, automatic Excel export

for further processing of the data or incorporation into

other systems

Energy management

  • Integrated report generator enables the evaluation

of the delivered energy usage data

  • Presentation of the electrical energy values from

measurement devices as well as evaluation of other

media (e.g. gas, water, etc.) possible

  • Load profi le analyses provide an overview of peak

consumption throughout a stipulated period of time


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