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About US

Credibility, Reliability, Consistency – The Promise of Pak Link Services

We at Pak Link Services believe that every idea must be expressed without looking back. Thus, to meet customer satisfaction, our experts provide customized solutions that can ensure that no system will ever come to a halt.

The experts here at Pak Link Services are proficient in delivering state-of-the-art industrial heating applications. Our Electrical heat trace segments bring sound temperature management solutions within the piping valves, tanks, and the overall systems. While our industry experts also developed customizable heaters that deliver the perfect solution to industrial Heating procedures. One of our featured services includes the provision of EPC solutions to assist our valued customers for heat tracing; hence, keeping the temperature well under control.

However, our services didn’t come into existence in just a month or two. Our story is a remarkable one, and it showcases how hard work, as well as determination, can let you achieve, just about anything.

History – Road to Supremacy

Our Customers are the Core Driving Force of Our Organization

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, which is to completely revamp the outlook of thermal technologies used in the industrial sector today. Currently, our services are one of the most premier services around, especially in the Middle East. We don’t consider ourselves, service providers, but we are problem solvers. As problem solvers, we ensure that our customers are provided with the top-notch heat trace systems that can improve their operating procedures. Our solutions are not limited to multistory hotels or restaurants, but our primary consumers are plant owners. Whichever O&G company you are associated with, we got you covered.

Our Vision

We believe that growth is essential, especially in the industry. However, our way to achieve greatness is not to maximum customers, but to be the first-choice among them. Currently, we provide the best heat-tracing services and tools within the Middle East; and we aspire to expand our horizons completely. Pak Link delivers robust and highly advanced heating solutions, with no limits on the type of industry we operate in! Moreover, with our experts and Mr. Muneer looking after us, we are confident that we will expand our business to all parts of the world.

Our Passion

Our customer-centric mindset makes us the premier choice heat tracing solution provider across the Middle East and African countries. Not to mention that the passion for excelling in the field enabled our customers to find unique solutions to the issues faced by consumers. We are extremely driven to resolve the issues faced by O&G companies and other customers in the heating and thermal management process. Our out-of-the-box solution will ensure that your problems are resolved on a long-term basis. After all, we plan to become a first-choice solution; and that is what we offer with our heat tracing and electronic system installation.

We Connect, We Bond, And Then We Deliver!

Our Values

The values we operate under depicts the core foundation of what Mr. Muneer created 16 years back. From being customer-centric to ensuring integrity and respect, our values are the kernel to our little shell! Our experts believe in the safety, integrity, and respect of the people, whether they are our clients or our workers. These values assist us in working collaboratively and performing sound decision-making steps to achieve something more every time.

Our Inspiration – The People

No matter how much your business succeeds in the market, without your workforce, you couldn’t be anywhere. This is precisely what Pak Link Services, LLC believes! Our highly capable experts spend countless hours in developing solutions to cater to the needs of the customers. More importantly, our heat tracing and electronic systems are one of the most renowned prospects within the Middle East and the African region. Our employees are the reason why we have achieved such feat in probably no time at all. However, the ideas behind the brilliance are going to stay, so that we can flourish even further in the heat tracing industry present today.

Our Location

Our Electrical heat tracing cables and EPC solutions are built explicitly for O&G industries within the Middle East. We deliver our robust services to countries involving the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and Iraq. However, during the last few years, we expanded our wings to the African markets, where we provide similar solutions with customizable changes according to their thermal systems. We provide Electrical heat tracing services to Sudan, Kenya, Nigeria, and all other African countries.

So, whether you belong to the petrochemical, mechanical or chemical industry, Pak Link Services, LLC has got you covered! Link with us as we showcase our plethora of experience by delivering the best-quality and results-oriented heat tracing solutions and systems uniquely tailored for your industry.

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