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Emarat oil Storage terminal Fujairah

Installation of Self Regulating heat trace system and Skin Effect System complete glanding, termination, HV/HV Cable laying and terminations.

ADNOC Abu Dhabi

Installation of ( MI) Mineral Insulated Heating cable, Explosion proof Junction boxes, thermostat units, glanding and termination of Field instruments and Main power panels  cable laying and terminations.

Vopak Horizon Terminal Fujairah

Installation of Electrical trace heat system, HFO Pipes Lines heat trace, storage tanks immersions heaters, 5km Heating cables, Power junction boxes,

Hazard area Control thermostat, Electrical Power Panels, termination and glanding.

Installation of Skin Effect heat trace System associated, HV/LV Transformers power  Cables laying and terminations, installation of Capacitor, phase balancing transformers, Installations and terminations of HV/LV panels.

Ferromagnetic tube, skin effect system junction box and PLC base skin effect heat trace system.

Saudi Bin Ladin KSA

Installation, testing, Commission of heat trace system for crude oil refining plant, pipe line and storage tanks.

AEGEAN Oil Terminal Fujairah, UAE

Installation of self regulate Heating cable & Accessories, Heat Tracing distribution panel, Installation and termination of power and control cables, Installation of Skin Effect heat trace system cable and Skin Effect heating system Accessories. Testing and commissioning of full heat trace package for plant.

TOPAZ Engineering Fujairah: 2012- 2013

Installation of self regulating Heating Cable, RTD,Temperature Controller,

Heat trace Panel erection and Control cables termination.

Fujairah Oil Refinery Fujairah

Installation of MICC Heating, Self Regulating heat trace cable,glanding and termination, Field Junction Box Fixing ,testing and Commissioning.

Erection of power Enclosure, RTD controller,power and control cables laying and terminations.

EGA Abu Dhabi

Design, supply, Installation of (M.i) Mineral Insulated Heating Cable for tankers, Glanding, termination,Testing and Commissioning of complete system.

SEKO middle east Engineering

Installation of Heat trace Cables, Power Junction Boxes, Line Thermostats , Power and Control Cables laying , termination, Testing and Commissioning of chemical dosing skid heat trace system.

Lamprell Energy -SKID EHT Installations

Installation of Mi, Mineral insulated Heating Cables,Power Junction Boxes,Line Thermostats , Power and Control Cables laying ,termination. Testing and Commissioning.

Insulation of Mineral Wool/  Aluminum  Cladding Installations for pressure vessels.

Albilal Engineering Iraq

Design, Supply of complete Self regulate heat trace system for HFO plant.

Sigma Enterprise Abu Dhabi

Installation of EHT System for  Gas Vessels ,Terminations of heating cables ex area junction boxes termination and testing.

Gulf Piping Co Abu Dhabi

Installation Of Self Regulating heating Cable and Accessories for Well Head Plant.


Installation Of Self Regulate Cable and Accessories For Well Head Plant.

Petronash UAE

Installation of self regulate heat trace cables and accessories, control panel for chemical injections skids.


Design, Supply, Installation of self regulate heat trace system for gas compressing pant pipe lines.

VTTI Fujarah

Installation of Series resistance heating cables and accessories .

Installation of (Mi) Mineral insulated heating cable for HFO Vessels.

Power and Control cables laying, installation of cable tray, cable ladders

Termination of field instruments for process lines.


Supervision, testing, Commissioning of complete Electrical heat trace system for the gas processing plant.

Gulf Petro Chem Hymria Free Zone

Installation of MI Cable and Associated Power Panels and terminations.

Installation of Self Regulating heat trace  Cable and Heat trace Control panels termination and glanding.

MacDermot UAE -SKID EHT Installations

Installation of Heating Cables, Power Junction Boxes, Line Thermostats , Power and Control Cables laying ,termination.

Testing and Commissioning.

Installation of rock wool Insulation / Aluminum cladding for piping.

Hazel Chemical Storage terminal Hymria

Installation. Testing, commissioning, of self regulate and series resistance heat trace cables and heat trace control panel with associated accessories, RTD, controllers and Junction Box,

Heat trace Power and control cable laying terminations and Connection.