Energy management system (EMS)

An energy management system (EMS) is a system of computer-aided software used by operators and Building owners, FM Companies, Industrial operators, to monitor and control, and optimize the performance of the power consumption.

Now a days Smart energy devices are becoming more popular for charging electric vehicle (EV).solar system, building management system.

Janitza energy management system can also connected to computer system (grid Vis)and all building electromechanical facilities cooling ,heating ,lighting ,AHU, Chillers , Irrigation, water and gas

Consumption can be monitor, hence it gives up to 30 % energy cost saving.

All janitza smart devices can be used to implement energy management system for school, universities, office buildings, shopping centers, and high rise building including industrial energy management system.

All devices are equipped with RS 485, Ethernet, profibus and other necessary communications protocols. This enable to consumers to read and monitor their consumption remotely.

All the date can be stored in the in the grid vis energy management system and customer have

Access to analyze and optimize annual energy consumptions. One of best advantage to using  UMG 96 PA is it gives customer clear picture of energy consumption compare to conventional meters in the market

Energy management system and Power analyzing with smart energy meters are the best choice for measuring and monitoring energy consumption.

UMG 103CBM devices offer user friendly KHW, KW,KVA, Voltage, Current , uninterrupted measurement , Harmonics V/A.

Some Unit are available with Memory, UMG 103-CBM and UMG 20CM 4MB and 768KB options. These two units also have clock option,

User can connect these Energy meters to Grids ware for Energy management and network analyzer

Interface: RS 485

Mod Bus RTU.

07 benefits using UMG 103CBM in Energy monitoring system.

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