Leading services provider in industrial heat trace-automation and Energy Management.



Oil & Gas

  • Heat trace cable applications
  • LPG/LNG pipe lines storage tanks.
  • Offshore Oil and Gas Processing Industry
  • Crude Oil /HFO Pipelines Lines/ HFO Tanks
  • Crude oil production well


  • Caustic Soda plants
  • Phenol
  • Bitumen Pipe Lines and Tanks
  • Sulpher Pipe Lines
  • Plastic Industry


  • Rubber
  • Sulfolane

Building services

  • Hot water Pipe Lines.
  • Floor Heating.
  • Ramp heating
  • Roof & Gutter
  • Drain Line Heating


  • Diesel power Plants
  • Thermal Fire Fuel
  • CSP Plants- Solar Molten Salt
  • Fertilizer plants
  • Wind Turbine
  • Atomic Energy

Food industry

  • Chocolate industry
  • Syrup
  • Oil Edible
  • Soy Sauce
  • Milk processing plant
  • Vegetable cooking oil plant
  • Distilled Water plant

Control and Monitor

All electrical heat tracing systems need temperature control and monitoring. For energy-saving reasons self-regulating heating cables should also feature temperature regulation.
We offer you a wide range of control and monitoring technology which meets the ever increasing requirements on quality, accuracy, energy saving and safety. Thus, we are not only specialist in electrical heat tracing but also in:
• Control-EHT Circuits
• Power Panels
• Monitoring System

The direct advantages of our heating jackets and mats are obvious:
• Easy to remove, re-usable
• Easy to install
• Applicable in sophisticated applications
• High life-time
• Tailormade to the shape of vessels, pipes, valves or pumps
• Operating temperature from 0° up to 900° C
• Efficient heating system
• Optimum heat distribution
• Including insulation
• Heated mats for hazardous areas

Pressure Vessels

pressure 1

TANK and Vessels

Heat tracing cable is applied on tanks and vessels to Maintain Required Temperature for all Environments , or to ensure products are stored at the correct temperature. We have great experience in Installations of Heat trace cables and Accessories for temperature maintenance of pressures vessels and Storage tanks.


Paklink Services provide Tank heating systems for oil and gas industry petrochemical industry for maintaining fluid temperatures in tanks, pipe lines, industrial tanks farm and vessels.

Typical applications for tank and pipe lines for storage tanks heating systems and vessels include:

  • Freeze protection  (Bitumen ,HFO , Crude oil)
  • Temperature maintenance  (greasy oils, resins)
  • Crystallization prevention ( caustic soda)

Tank Heating :
Paklink link services offer unique Tank heating systems design supply installation packages.
We have long history in heat trace system installations on storage tanks pipe lines.

Electrical Heat Trace System

  • Electric heat trace cables – our company has installed heat trace cables on pipe and vesels since 2000 in United Arab Emirate ,Oman ,KSA ,and other middle east country.
  • Digital control systems – Electronic devices such as thermostats, Electronic controllers, and DCS electric panels that monitor and control heat trace cables to help maintain the temperature of the fluid through a heat traced pipe.
  • Trace Heating cable Connection kits and accessories such as heating cables power connection kits, end termination seals, aluminum tap.


  • Heat trace Engineering design procurement services
  • Fabrication of tank Insulation
  • Heat trace AMC Contract
  • Heat Trace installation services

We can supply,  install full thermal heating packages including heating cables , Immersion heaters , hot oil circulating  heating system, steam trace engineering and design and even install and maintain the entire tank heating system for oil & gas storage tanks.

We supply advanced heating products with heat trace installation services, our client get excellent solution in the field of heat management technology. We can supply you single heat management digital integrated solution according to modern industry needs.