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Skin Effect Heating System

Skin Effect Heating system


Skin effect system consist of thermally rated ,electrical insulated wire installed inside a ferromagnetic heat tube .the insulated wire is connected to heat tube at the end termination and of heating cable .AC current flows from wire and returning on the inside surface of tube. the skin effect system is electrically safe and produce heat in ferromagnetic tube through the effect of two well known electrical phenomena.

skin effect and proximity effect, these factors caused the current following in the heat tube to be concentrated on the inner surface: the current concentration is so complete there is virtually no measurable voltage on the outer wall of heat tube. Heat is also generated due to resistance of heat tube ,so heat tube is attached with pipe and completely covered with insulation, heat is efficiently transferred into the process pipe.

  • Maximum circuit length up to 20 KM.
  • Power output up to 150 w/m.
  • Maintain temperature up to 200 deg C.
  • Exposure temperature up to 240 deg C.

Our company can design, supply , install STS system up to 20 km long pipe lines carrying different kind of fluids , like HFO ,Crude Oil, Bitumen ,sulpher or any other industrial chemicals.we can energize only this system from single power source by using step up/down transformers upto 400 v/5.5 kv.
In skin effect system ferromagnetic tubes are welded with pipe line need to trace heat ,for this purpose on differences distance pull boxes are mounted to pull heating cables.

We can design, supply, install, a Skin effect heating system with better design and better performance according to our client's needs.

Control system is provided with RTDs sensors .for better control and monitor scada system can be installed to control & monitors system from control room.
Applications: Material transfer Lines:,Snow and Ice melting, Tank Foundations . Sub Sea Lines Prefabricated/preinsulated lines.

We can design, supply and install trace heating systems to protect against freezing,Temperature maintenance, as well as process the heating of your system, for both safe and hazardous areas (zones one and two). This covers heat loss calculations, electrical loadings and power consumption measurements.
Whether you need to maintain constant temperatures, protect against freezing, or need process heating for your system, our electric trace heating service will meet your requirements.