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Series Resistance Heating cables

Series Resistance Cable

We at Pak Link Services are offers state-of-the-art series resistance heating cables, which are applicable for many systems. Our experts here have designed these cables in particular lengths with corresponding load configurations; hence, making them not as versatile as other parallel cables.

Nonetheless, our experts, with decades of experience, study your requirements and provide solutions that are perfect for you. Thus, Pak Link’s series resistance heating cable has the capabilities to span moderate distance; hence, providing exceptional heating on the whole.

We at Pak Link Services also offer customized configurations for those clients who ask for precise specifications on their products. So, if you’re looking for getting yourself Series Resistance Heating Cables, then Pak Link Services is at your service!

Material Max Continuous Temp Melting Temperature Degradation temperature
PFA 260 °C 300 350
PTFE 260 °C 300 350
The Series resistance heating cables are typically equipped at the both extremist with non heating section referred to as cold leads to avoid a hot cable being exposed and adding heat to the power connection.

Applications of Series Resistance Heating Cables

Ever since series resistance heating cables came into operations, they are extensively used to deliver pipe freeze protection and high-temperature maintenance for various applications. They are also quite active in tanks and pipelines.

Moreover, with its extremely flexible nature, the value is doubled. Since you can use these applications on irregular shapes such as valves, flanges, and pumps. Additionally, we at Pak Link Services provide different varieties of series resistance heating cables that are available. From a single conductor to a twin conductor and tri-conductor, we have everything that you need!


The series resistance heating cables, here at Pak Link Services heats up through internal conductor. With the conductor offering certain resistance, and the current passing through it, the conduct will heat up. The resistance per unit length will remain the same, while the heat generated per unit length of the passing current will remain the same.

Why should you opt for the series Resistance Heating Cables from Pak Link?

Whatever products companies will offer, these series resistance heating cables need to be individually designed for better performance. Moreover, another advantage is that the long circuit lengths are possible. For instance, the 3-phase longline heating cables may require electric supply points only at multi-kilometer intervals. Thus, making it an ideal choice for industrial equipment with long pipelines.

The Difference Provided by Pak Link Services

Unlike other businesses, our experience is vast! Our combined years in the industry is more than years of providing solutions in heating cables, heating cords, and heating tapes. We also provide a complete range of accessories that can complement the services we offer!

So, if you’re planning to get a series of resistance heating cables, then don’t hesitate! Connect with us as bring you one of the most sought-out series resistance heating cables in the contemporary era, especially in the Middle East market! Contact us now for a free consult!

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