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Instrument and Controll Services

We are specialists in specifying, procuring, calibrating, installing, piping, loop checking, commissioning and maintaining instrumentation and control systems for a wide range of industrial and commercial process control applications, ensuring that your plant operates safely. 

E&I (Electrical & Instrument)

Paklink Services offer a complete range of  electrical, control and instrumentation (E&I) services. Our services are prepared to give you E&I asset support throughout your project life – from installation project management support, to commissioning, completion, repair and maintenance.

We have extensive E&I (Electrical & Instrument) experience in all of the business sectors in which we operate, from full E&I turnkey projects, Electrical & Instrument project management, inspection, verification, E&I installation Contract, Electrical & Instrument modification, repair and maintenance services. Clients can be provided with a wide range of services delivered by an experienced and proactive team of Project Managers, Engineers, Technicians and Inspectors, Q.c with many years’ experience within E&I  erection, installations, testing, commissioning, in industrial sectors.

 PAklink Services LLC has extensive experience in the installation and inspection of E&I Skid, pressure vessels, E&I Instrument Installations and systems testing on various process skids for the oil and gas fields, oil refineries and chemical and petrochemical plants.


We provide the following E&I skid pressure vessels E& I  installations services:

  • Electrical and Instrumentation Installation testing Commissioning.
  • Cable and Containment Installation, Cable Glanding, Cable Terminations.
  • Electrical Heat Trace System Installations For Skid.
  • Hazardous Area Heat Trace Material Supply and Installations.

E&I (Electrical & Instrument)

  • E&I  Control Design, Installation Commissioning & Maintenance.
  • Hazardous Area Instrument Installation, Maintenance & Repair.
  • Process & Pneumatic Pipe Fitting.
  • Control Panel Design & Build.
  • Instrument Enclosures Supply.
  • Loop Checks
  • Distributed Control Systems installations and Maintenance (DCS).
  •  Fibre Optic Networks, Structure Cablying.
  • Pressure / Level / Flow / Temperature Control wiring.
  • Modbus / Profibus.
  • PLC Installations.
  • Air Compressors and air pipe lines.
  • SCADA Systems.
  • Technicians Supply Services.
  • Semi Skilled Manpower Supply Services.
  • Flow Transmitter installation Commissioning
  • Electrical Maintenance, Support Services at fuel storage farms
  • Electrical & Instrumentation Services for crude oil storage farms.
  • E&I manpower Supply.
  • Commissioning and testing of pneumatic system.
  • Trade awareness Hazardous Area Inspection Training
  • Offshore Electrical Services, instrument & control services
  • New Electrical & Instrument Installations at fuel storage farms.
  • Process Instrument Calibration and Maintenance Services
  • Electrical Equipment Preventive maintenance.

There are different types of skid-mounted process units and Paklink Services provides a diverse range of E&I skid installation capabilities to manufacture and meet our clients’ requirements.

We provide E&I , Heat Trace cables, steam trace, immersion heaters , for skid process heating system and installations for international end clients that have varied installation requirements and standards.