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Cathodic protection

A Brief introduction related to our services of cathodic protection for oil and gas industry , A Electro chemical corrosion control is warranted (40% of the annual steel goes to replace products ruined by corrosion).
Cathodic protection is the reduction of elimination of corrosion by making the metal a cathode by means of an impressed DC-Normally

(Magnesium. Zinc or aluminum.)
Sacrificial anodes are placed in the ground and connected to the cathode protection system. These anodes now becomes the target of galvanic corrosion rather than steel structures.
Dc Current flow from anode area into the soil, through the soil and onto the cathodic area(protected steel structure) and back through the rectifier.
The galvanic potential between anode and cathode will cause a current to flow, this current is limited by such factors as the restively of the environment and the degree of polarization at the anode and cathode area Corrosion occurs where the current discharge from the metal into the soil at anodize area, for this purpose UPS system is installed in cathodic protection panel. but no corrosion is occurs where the current leaves the environment and enters the metal structure(cathodic area)