Electric heaters flange immersion type



Electric Heaters are used for directly, indirectly heating or to maintain a Product temperature.Other heating applications like vaporization and melting of solid gas liquid media.We supply high Quality Electrical Heaters made by stainless steel, Copper tubes.Our Product is approved by IECEX, Atex, for Hazardous area application.

Applications: Commercial building, Power plants, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, textile, Oil and gas, power plants and Refineries.

We can design custom heaters according to our Customer requirements like Power and Voltage, Area classifications, temperature range, Coil material,

Hot water Boiler heaters.

The hot water boiler are suitable as Consumers for main stabilization, calorifiers without local emission source and as a mean to secure the district heating supply.

The benefits is hot water boiler can be directly integrated into district heating main, the area of applications comprises all control range products, secondary control range, minute reserve.Our Standard Electrical heaters are made by carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel base alloys.

Electrical heaters installed power depend on process temperature and operation temperature.

1 Temperature range 600°c
2 Pressure 235 bar
3 Power 10 kw
4 Voltage 690 Volt

We Assemble in house Electric heaters panel ,different Control and Monitor options can be provided  with 4-20 ma Signals.Microprocessor base control panel for Electrical heaters can be supplied to monitor temperature in DCS System.