Flexible Heated Hose analytic Hose



Flexible Heated hose are alternative of rigid piping to keep media temperature maintain at a certain level while transporting form cargo vessels to storage tank or vise versa.

Electrically heated hose keep fluid temperature at a required certain level regardless of ambient temperature.

Heated hoses are available for safe area application and hazardous area application.

heated hose Applications:

Bitumen storage Pants.

HFO Storage plants.

Gas analysis lines.

Wax storage terminal.

Resin transfer Line

Grease transfer Line.

Paint Transfer Lines and Tank.

Plastic industry transfer lines.

Carbon dioxide temperature maintenance.

Sample gas analysis in aggressive environments

Petrochemical industry

Food industry


Medical technology

For such customer heated hose are idle selection to transfer media form storage tank to cargo tankers and plant transfer lines.

Heated Hose Importance in industry.

  • Keep media flow able for processing.
  • to maintain media characteristics for processing
  • avoid Condensation in gaseous transfer lines
  • To save energy and cost of media
  • To maintain media Quality.
  • Easy to maintain media production at any point.
  • Less time to connecting different static and moving equipment’s.
  • we can supply heated hose according to customer requirements to maintain fluid temperature with different  control systems.out heated hose Product is made by   Germany  with quality and standard in  heating hose technology fashion.
  • Our heated hose are made by Corrugated high grade Polyamide and suitable for all applications.